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aquila entertainment, a division of Bugs and Bytes LLC, Virginia presents the: 


 Dana Y. Long

 Author Extraordinaire 


The Writing Project

   EXTENDED!!!!       EXTENDED!!!!  


Write YOUR story from YOUR perspective!


Beginning 1st June 2021 @12P EDT, aquila entertainment, and our author extraordinaire, Dana Y. Long, will be embarking upon the greatest writing venture for this current time!


We are ecstatic to present this project and open the doors to an international audience ready and seeking to tell about the experiences that shaped their lives and touched their hearts throughout the year: 2020.


So get your copy of the book today, and Write your story to be considered for inclusion in the culmination of stories for our anthology scheduled to be published in Q1 of 2022!

  The best stories will be entered into a drawing for the GRAND Prize!!!



In order to be considered for inclusion in this great event, the participants must: 


1.     Obtain your copy of What Happened in 2020 available to buy on Amazon

2.     Begin writing their stories during the period of 1 June  2021 – 25 October 2021.

3.     All submissions must be postmarked by 25 October 2021 in order to be considered for inclusion.

4.  Submit your book to this address with the proper postmark associated or book will not be accepted for consideration:  

aquila entertainment, a division of Bugs and Bytes LLC     

Kai-Ja, CMO

P.O. Box 812711

Boca Raton Florida 33481


The period of review 31 October 2021 – 6 December 2021.

available to buy on Amazon

Contact the management team by clicking the MEET the AUTHOR link above.

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